Monday Fodder Weekly Update

June 26, 2017

Saturday solo hike from Tai Po Road (Monkey Mountain) to Wong Tai Sen taking some side trails and MacLehose Trail over Beacon Hill and behind Lion Rock. It was cloudy most of the time and not a great day for photos, but anyhow you can see some of the scenes I did. Below is Kowloon and in the far background Hong Kong Island


Ma On Shan

Tai Wan Village


Fei Ngo Shan

Nearly the same view as above...

Kowloon Reservoir

Cindy hiked with a team that may be forming to do the Trailwalker. They hiked the opposite direction than me, including going over Sharp Peak in the distance. (Stage 6-8 of the MacLehose Trail)

To the left of the green hill in the center of the photo is where our OMS office is, as well as United Christian College, Grace Church and our seminary, United Wesleyan Graduate Institute

Lion Rock as seen from near Beacon Hill

On Sunday, we had a baptism service at the Home of Loving Faithfulness