Monday Fodder Weekly Update

June 19, 2017

In the mid-90's I suppose, I don't remember exactly when, a few friends and I sang and led worship in the Sunday service for ECC (Evangelical Community Church). Pictured here from the left of me are Tim Gavlik, Kerry Schottlekorb and two others. One is Steve Wible, but I've forgotten the others who sang that time.


Ma On Shan

Tai Wan Village


Fei Ngo Shan

Last Wednesday, I had tea with Salina Leung, one of the students from the early classes that started at United Christian College. I guess it's been nearly 38 years or so that we last saw each other. She has been living in Canada and was visiting Hong Kong. The photo of her as a student was one that we used on our furlough travels in 1979-1980 as we shared her testimony of how she met Christ in our supporting churches.

In 1980 after our first furlough we were assigned to help (interestingly enough) Yan Yue Church since quite a few UCC students attended there. (Yan Yue is the mother church of RiverGrace) We had an English Sunday School class at the time with those below. We remain in touch with nearly all of them. Left to right, in back. Jacqueline, William, Randy, Alice. Front row are Loretta, Fiona, Cindy, Josh, Grace, Becki and yours truly.

This was our missionary team 20 years ago(July 97). The photo is a scan of the negative, so discolored, but we used to have up to 16 adult missionaries serving at the same time in Hong Kong with OMS International. Now it's down to Cindy and I. In this photo are Sarah, Mari, Paul and Taylor Hubbard, Josh, Jeanne and Billy Campbell, me, Bill Swathwood and R-L in front, Becky Swathwood, Cindy, Howard and Joyce Cogswell, Gloria Kong (still our administrator of the East Asia Field) and Marilyn Snider.