Cindy, Daniel, who is now as tall as Cindy, Nathan, and Elia on a camping trip in Kentucky


Ma On Shan

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Fei Ngo Shan

Monday Fodder Weekly Update July 3, 2018

The butterflies are back in our garden in Hong Kong again. Whatever plant it is, they love it!

We moved our Sunday service from the geography room of United Christian College to the covered playground. It is quite hot but gives us more space and it is more welcoming for people to come into the service.

We've started meeting with some of the students from the school. Hopefully out of those contacts we'll be able to start an English fellowship in September,  the next school year.

We have also started a Spanish service, presently one time per month. Pastor Tommy, having lived in Spain and Colombia in his early years, speaks Spanish. In fact, though he speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin as well, he considers Spanish his mother tongue

On June 18, RiverGrace hosted a friendship basketball competition as well as a cheerleading competition. We had a Filipino basketball team that joined thanks to Edwin, and also some many ethnic minority young people. Thanks to the former pastor of Yan Yue, Rev. Kelvin Tse, and Peggy Yeung who both meet the young people in Yau Ma Tei.

Last Friday, my youngest niece, Kindsey Hanny became Kindsey Olson. Cindy was able to attend in my place, but I regret not being able to be there. Cindy's on the right side between Daniel and Becki.