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Monday Fodder Weekly Update July 23, 2018

This is a Facebook photo of Susan Pang Courtney and family. I just got the news this morning that Susan had passed away following a couple years of battling cancer. She was the daughter of Dr. Paul Pang, founder of United Christian College, where I taught for the first 15 years of our time in Hong Kong. Susan was also a student during those years I taught there. She leaves behind her husband, Dennis, and 5 children. Susan was a vibrant and talented actress, film/video director, and editor. She will be missed by many, but gratefully her suffering on earth has ended and she's with the Lord she loved and served.

Four of our relatively new Filipina attendees at RiverGrace recently prayed to receive Christ.

Nathan, below left, was enjoying the July 4 parade. On the right... after a fall while playing with Daniel. The result... 5 stitches.

Daniel, marching in his first parade with the high school in Pikerington.  Elia enjoying the parade.