Monday Fodder Weekly Update

July 10, 2017

Saturday evening and yesterday I preached at the Tung Chung Christian Missionary and Alliance Church. It was their mission Sunday and I prayed for a short-term mission team that was going to Thailand for a mission trip soon.


Ma On Shan

Tai Wan Village


Fei Ngo Shan

My translator, Hazel, did a fine job in her first time translating. On her left is Edith, one of the pastors of the church along with her husband. She was a graduate of our seminary, UWGI. On my right was another sister from the church.

Yesterday was the next to the last Sunday for Rev. Kelvin Tse and his wife Mabel. They were pastors of Yan Yue Church. Our people in RiverGrace also fell in love with them. We had a farewell prayer for them and gave them a gift.

One of our African sisters is having a baby soon, so Pastor Irma decorated and planned the baby shower. I married her and her husband last year. By the colors you can know it will be a boy.