Monday Fodder Weekly Update

August 28, 2017

This last week brought both the clearest weather you could want, but also 2 tropical storms, one at the strength of a severe tropical storm, the other as a severe typhoon. The scenes are essentially the same, but one in the daytime, and the other at sunset... one at high tide and the other at low tide. This shows how shallow our bay really is. This is the view from our garden. In the sunset photo the son is coming from the west, but we face nearly direct south.


Ma On Shan

Tai Wan Village


Fei Ngo Shan

Typhoon Hako did somd damage here in Hong Kong, but even more in nearby Macau, where 8 people were killed. Here are a few scences from Hong Kong. The photos aren't great because their just screen shots I made from movies. But still you can see the power of the storm.