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Tai Wan Village


Fei Ngo Shan

Monday Fodder Update

August 13, 2018

Bookworms, Nathan and Elia; Elia ready for church; Spanish connect group on Sunday

Below... my walk today

Join me on my walk today. 4.7 km or about 2.9 miles

A view from the road

Past/through an outdoor bar and restaurant

Up a small hill on the road

Up a small hill on the road

The tide is out walking in the South China Sea

For some reason (maybe because I didn't have my glasses on and didn't see), the photos are black and white

Passing by a new development of luxury flats

South China Sea

a Rocky area before walking into town

The back of the Sai Kung Swimming Pool

The Sai Kung Ferry Pier. The ferry in the photo is the one that takes golferst to Hong Kong's only public golf course.

The main minibus and taxi stands in Sai Kung

Al fresco restaurant

Today I did only two laps due to the fact that it was taking me longer because of stopping for photos

Into the Sai Kung Sports stadium.

Ma On Shan... the top in the clouds. One of our freuent hikes before. It's over 500 meters tall.

On the way back home now, passing another minibus terminus

Passing through the main bus terminus

Walking past the front side of the luxury flats

The Hong Kong Acadamy... an international high school a couple of years old.

The last leg before getting to the main road up by the houses in the background

We are done!  After my walk I usually sit on the second table on the left for about 10 minutes to cool off, The view I get from there is the photo I posted last week.

Another view from the road

We're back on the main road about a half a kilometer from our home.