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January 5, 2017

In 2012, Ace, Becki, Daniel, Nathan and my son, Josh, came to Hong Kong to spend Christmas. One of the impromptu photos someone took was the boys piled on top of me.

This year we traveled to Ohio for Christmas.The photo below was a reenactment of the photo of 2016, but there were many more pounds and a precious topping... Elia, in this 2016 edition of the photo. I suppose it may be the last of this kind of photo, though, as I 'm not sure I can bear too much more weight!

One of the first photos I took when I returned to the States was a photo of a sunrise over the snow we had at the time. It's just fitting, therefore, that I end the trip with the beautiful sunset we had our last day in Ohio. This is from the front sidewalk of our house.